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圣保罗书院A社区 & 技术学院


圣保罗书院 provides several different options for paying your tuition and fees. 视图 付款方式.


As part of our mission to be one of the most affordable community colleges in St. 保罗, 我们不仅保持低廉的学费, but we also offer a wide variety of financial aid options to help finance the cost of an education. For information on applying for financial aid and the types of aid available, go to 金融援助.

学费 & 费用

The Board of Trustees for Minnesota State 大学s and Universities establishes tuition rates annually. 学费 rates are established on a per-credit basis for all credit course offerings and are subject to change. 学费 and fee rates for 圣保罗书院 are available below and also in the 学费 Office.


发票不邮寄. 你必须检查你的 网上帐户结余 并在学历上公布的到期日之前支付任何到期余额.


学费 payment deadline reminders and informational announcements are sent to the student’s 圣保罗书院 e-mail address.


为了省钱而管理你的学费可能会让人不知所措. 这 管理你的大学费用 这本小册子介绍了获得经济援助的7个步骤, 常见问题的关键联系人, 以及重要的政策 & 这些术语会影响你在大学的平衡.

学费 收费标准 & 到期日期 



暑期学费在 2024年4月29日




$182.87 - $277.14

















总学费 & 每学分费用

$210.60 - $304.87


*所有收费或有更改. 学费可能会有所不同.

*所选课程可能收取特别学费. 查看 课程安排 online; make your course selection; place cursor over the course title to view details and cost of the course.

** The MSCSA Fee is assessed by the Minnesota State 大学 Student Association.


The 净价计算器 is a tool for students and parents to use to get an estimate of what it may cost to attend 圣保罗书院. 这些费用不仅包括学费和杂费, 但是书籍, 上大学期间的交通和其他生活费用.


You will be asked some basic questions about you and your family’s financial situation so it might be helpful to have recent tax forms or pay stubs on hand.


  • 您在工具中输入的信息不会被保留, 由mg电子试玩app或任何第三方传送或使用.
  • You will be asked basic information about you and your family’s income and plans for college in order to calculate your expected costs and financial aid.
  • 你不会的, 然而, 他要求输入你的名字, 出生日期, address, 社会安全号码或任何其他个人身份信息.

明尼苏达州的居民, 62岁或以上, may register and be eligible to attend 圣保罗书院 at a reduced rate. 要获得高级费率,学生必须注册课程 after the first class session has taken place, provided space is available.


  • 学分课程:20美元.每学分00美元,外加适用费用.
  • Minnesota resident senior citizens are not charged tuition when auditing a credit course or taking a noncredit course. The request to audit must be made at the time of registration for the course. “申请审核状态”表格可在一站式网站获得.
  • 封闭mg电子试玩app合同培训, courses designed and offered specifically and exclusively for senior citizens, or professional 继续教育 courses are not eligible for a free/or reduced rate.
  • Charges for materials, personal property or 服务s charges must be paid by the Senior Citizen.

Senior citizens who register for courses prior to the first day of each course are charged the regular tuition rate. Courses may not be subsequently dropped and re-added to receive the senior rate.


付款方式有七种. 避免排队等候. 网上支付学费. 很容易! 

接受经济援助的学生, scholarships or third party payment of fees are responsible for verifying that applications, awards and billing authorizations have been finalized and received by the 学费 Office prior to the posted tuition due date.

Disbursement of any financial aid award in excess of your total billing at the 大学 will be made beginning the 3rd week of each term. 您必须在BankMobile payments中选择退款偏好, 技术解决方案, BMTX供电, 公司. 请访问此链接获取更多信息: http://bankmobiledisbursements.com/refundchoices.


Students must pay or make payment arrangements for their tuition and fees by the published due dates. Failure to pay or make arrangements to pay tuition and fees may result in courses being dropped for non-payment. Please note that course registrations will not be dropped for students who have applied for financial aid. Course registrations will not be dropped even if a student is not approved for financial aid. Students who do not intend to take courses during a given semester must officially drop their courses on their own before the start of the term. 未注销的学生须自行承担未付的结余. 请参阅网上或网上的学费到期日期 大学的日历.


滞纳金高达30美元.如果在付款截止日期前未全额支付学费,则收取600英镑. 获得学费延期(经济援助)的学生, agency or employer authorizations) must notify the 学费 Office by the payment deadline or a late fee will be charged. For students registering after the due date, tuition is due the day of registration.


Students who withdraw or drop from all courses must give formal notification to the 大学 by withdrawing or dropping online from all classes to be eligible for a tuition refund according to the 退款进度.

旷课不构成退学. 您可以通过登录您的学生帐户在线提交提款.

Students who miss class the first week without making prior arrangements for all absences in advance with their instructor may receive a “FN” grade and are responsible to pay all the charges.


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