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Saint Paul 大学 A Community & Technical 大学

联系: Katie Sivanich | 651.403.4470 |

Live and learn in Minnesota, USA!

Thank you for considering Saint Paul 大学!

Here are the top four reasons why you should choose Saint Paul 大学 as an international student:

  1. 价值 – our tuition is one of the lowest in the country. You’ll pay between $5800 - $7000 /年 while most other four-year universities start at $25,000 /年 and go up to over $45,000 /年.
  2. 位置 – we are right in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota. You will have easy access to public transportation from Saint Paul 大学 to Saint Paul and Minneapolis, known together as the "Twin Cities". The combined population is over 1 million people in this vibrant, urban environment.
  3. Credits that will transfer – you can complete the first two years of classes at a fraction of the cost and transfer the credits to a four-year university. We have guaranteed conditional mg电子试玩app with other universities.
  4. 专业 – we offer 业务, engineering, other STEM majors and 自由 arts majors! Click here to view our full list of Associate degree programs.


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